The Housing and Homelessness Research Program (HHRP) has a national and international reputation for innovative, policy-relevant research.

Drawing on different disciplinary perspectives including sociology, economics, social work, and political economy, our researchers apply a range of methodologies – from in-depth qualitative work to modelling longitudinal datasets – to generate evidence to inform policy and practice reform.

Many of our researchers are former practitioners and draw on their substantial knowledge of policy and service delivery environments to deliver high quality research that is relevant, grounded and accessible.

Key research interests

  • Health and well-being of disadvantaged populations
  • Program and service evaluation – social and economic impacts
  • Policy analysis
  • Homelessness and housing market dynamics
  • Gender
  • Stigma
  • Drug Use
  • Homelessness enumeration
  • Homeless groups – young people, chronically homeless, women and families

RMIT and UNISON Research Partnership

An important part of CASR’s Housing and Homelessness Research Program is the Unison Housing Research Lab, a five year partnership between RMIT University and Unison Housing. The partnership takes a unique industry-led approach to address the ongoing issue of housing and homelessness. The program is the largest of its kind in Australia and houses a team of six dedicated research staff who pursue a program of applied research tailored to support the needs of Unison Housing.


Read more about the Unison Housing Research Lab.


Housing Establishment Fund: Does financial assistance help secure permanent accomodation?

Originally, intended to assist disadvantaged household’s secure permanent housing, the Housing Establishment Fund (HEF) is increasingly used to assist people experiencing homeessness into temporary accommodation.

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Transitional Housing

Utilising administrative data held by Unison and the AIHW this project will provide insights into who gets into transitional accommodation, and whether they successfully exit the homelessness service system

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Private Rental Access Program

This project will examine what works, and what does not and for whom.

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Understanding social housing tenants better

This project will examine if it is possible to use existing tenancy data to create a meaningful tenancy typology based upon tenancy duration.

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Homeless and ‘at risk’ households: The IAP Study

The project will examine the IAP administrative database to develop a clearer understanding of who presents to the IAP service, the different needs of various cohorts, and trends in demand over time.

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Education and Employment

To examine the experience of looking for work, and of engaging in education and learning, for disadvantaged job seekers living in social housing.

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Making Home

This PhD project is a qualitative study of how formerly homeless individuals make the transition into permanent housing.

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Unison Housing Research Lab

The Union Housing Research Lab (UHRL) is a unique education and research collaboration between RMIT University and Unison Housing, Victoria’s largest social housing provider.

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Young people and the homelessness service system: effective response

The project provides an opportunity to learn more about young people's pathways into the homeless service system (HSS).

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The inter-relationship between structural factors and individual risk factors in explaining homelessness

Researchers and policy makers have long hypothesised that homelessness results from interactions between structural conditions and individual characteristics.

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The Role of the Street to Home Program in Providing Pathways out of Homelessness for Adult Rough Sleepers

One of the headline goals in the Australian Government’s White paper 'The Road Home' is to offer supported accommodation to all rough sleepers who want it by 2020.

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The Housing Security Consequences of Underemployment

This research project aims to provide an Australia-wide analysis of the consequences of underemployment for housing security.

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Journeys Home: Longitudinal study of factors affecting housing stability

This is the first large-scale longitudinal study assessing a broad sample of Australians who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

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Journey to Social Inclusion (J2SI): A randomised controlled trial

The aim of this four year randomised control study is to assess the effectiveness of the Journey to Social Inclusion program to break the cycle of chronic homelessness.

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Breaking the Cycle: the Role of Housing and Support in Resolving Chronic Homelessness

This is a longitudinal study of formerly chronically homeless people who are residents in a supportive housing facility in inner Melbourne.

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Key People

Lead researchers

Professor Guy Johnson

Professor Guy Johnson

Professor of Urban Housing and Homeless

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Dr Sharlene Nipperess

Dr Sharlene Nipperess


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Kaye Stevens

Kaye Stevens

Research Fellow

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Emeritus Professor Chris Chamberlain

Emeritus Professor Chris Chamberlain

Emeritus Professor

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Dr Kathryn Daley

Dr Kathryn Daley

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Dr Rosanna Scutella

Dr Rosanna Scutella

Senior Research Fellow

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Professor Gavin Wood

Professor Gavin Wood

Emeritus Professor

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Dr Cameron Duff

Dr Cameron Duff

Vice Chancellor’s Senior Research Fellow

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Early Career Program Leader

Higher Degree Research Students

Collaborators within RMIT

Key Industry Partners

  • UNISON Community Housing
  • Sacred Heart Mission
  • HomeGround Services (now Launch Housing)
  • The Salvation Army Crisis Services
  • Melbourne City Mission
  • Victorian Department of Health and Human Services
  • The Royal District Nursing Service
  • Department of Social Services (formerly FaHCSIA)

External Collaborators

  • Dr Yi-Ping Tseng
  • Professor Dan O’Flaherty
  • Professor Stephan Metraux
  • Dr Cameron Parsell
  • Associate Professor Stefan Kertesz
  • Dr Julie Moschion
  • Dr Nicolas Herault
  • Dr Marcus Knutagard
  • Associate Professor Phillip Mendes
  • Professor Susan Smith
  • Associate Professor Kristin Natalier
  • Professor Keith Jacobs
  • Dr Sharon Parkinson
  • Dr Jessica Gerrard
  • Dr Jacqui Theobald
  • Professor Alison Young
  • Dr James Petty
  • Claire Collie  

University Partnerships

  • Columbia University
  • Flinders University
  • Lund University
  • Monash University
  • Swinburne University
  • University of Science
  • University of Queensland
  • University of Alabama
  • University of Melbourne
  • University of Tasmania
  • York University

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Australia's first Professor of Homelessness and leader of the UNISON Housing Research Program, Guy Johnson has been involved in the area of homelessness for two decades, initially as a practitioner and more recently as a researcher. He currently is the Coordinator of CASR's Urban Homelessness and Housing Research Program.

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