• Project dates: 2018
  • Funding : Toyota Foundation

This project investigated how families spread across three countries in Southeast Asia maintained their relationships and how family members sought to fulfil their obligations to their parents.

Key Outcomes

Lee, Julian CH (2018) ‘Globalization and Filial Piety’, in Farazmand, A. ,Roy, R., Battersby, P. and. Pool-Funai, A.E. (eds) Global Encyclopedia of Public Administration, Public Policy, and Governance. New York: Springer.

Lee, Julian CH, Landau-Ward, Ani R. and Murashkin, Nikolay (2017) ‘“Because we’ve experienced that too”: Indonesian Support for Japan Following the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake’. New Zealand Journal of Asian Studies 19 (2): 55-72.

Key People

Lead researchers

Dr Julian Lee

Dr Julian Lee

Senior lecturer in Global Studies, Global, Urban and Social Studies

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Associate Professor Paul Battersby

Associate Professor Paul Battersby

Deputy Dean, Global and Language Studies, Global, Urban and Social Studies

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