Dr Glenda Mejia

Dr Glenda Mejía is a Senior Lecturer in Languages with the School of Global, Urban and Social Studies.

As the Spanish Program Coordinator from 2007-2017, Glenda rebuilt and developed the Spanish language program from Levels 1 to 7 (beginners to advanced), enabling the language program to be supported by well-considered and structured curricula based on an international framework. She also produced course outlines that specify clear learning objectives and assessment tasks and introduced new materials and resources for online and face-to-face teaching.  Glenda designs her curricula with imaginative and innovative activities based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, and Assessment (CEFR), developed by the Council of Europe. This framework is used as a basis to measure foreign language proficiency across Europe and in some Latin American countries. She introduced this framework into the program because it allows language proficiency to be assessed on a common international scale and thus facilitates educational and occupational mobility with partner universities in Spain, Mexico, Colombia and Chile. Her curricula is also designed to be relevant to our students’ lives, engaging them intellectually, socially and on a personal level. She uses a range of digital and print media, including news reports, newspaper articles, video clips, film and songs, which are effective in engaging students and consolidating their understanding and have proven popular with the students.  Glenda uses the communicative language teaching (CLT) approach widely used by local and international teachers and scholars.

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