Associate Professor Martyn Jones

Martyn Jones is the Research Program Coordinator for Social Support and Care. He is an Associate Professor of Social Work in RMIT's School of Global, Urban and Social Studies.

Currently Martyn is co-leading a university initiative for research, education and training in Social Support and Care. He also has particular responsibility for developing collaborative research and education with the social services sector. Prior to his appointment at RMIT, Martyn was Director of the social work programs at Deakin University.

Martyn has been involved in social work education for several years, both in England and Australia. He has served on many university committees, particularly in the areas of ethics, equity, work integrated learning and governance. With a professional background in social work, Martyn has maintained an interest in practice issues and the impact of organisational and policy contexts. He has a long standing interest in the place and use of research in professional education and practice.

Research interests

Martyn has research interests in the following:

  • The construction of moral professional practice in neo-liberal contexts
  • Knowledge making, knowledge exchange and reflexivity in social work and allied professions
  • Evaluation in human services
  • Practice learning and supervision in social work
  • Social care ethics, policy and practice

Martyn has provided consultation on professional supervision and on the development of learning and research environments for human service organisations.

Current research

Martyn is presently engaged in the following research projects:

  • The use of well-being in the evaluation of community service programs
  • Multi-purpose industry partnerships for the benefit of end users in social work and human services
  • The role of the tertiary sector in capacity building for social care
  • Models of practice research and learning

Recent book publication

  • D’Cruz, H. & Jones, M. (2014) Social Work Research in Practice: Political and Ethical Contexts, 2nd edition, Sage: London.


  • 2013-2014: Establishing core competencies for change in aged care services at Sumner House. Chief Investigator with P. Ramcharan, A. Hassell. Collaborative Project with Brotherhood of St Lawrence. Category 2 Funding: $69,500.
  • 2012-2014: Development and refinement of a well-being measurement tool in the community services sector. Project Leader and Chief Investigator with J. Whyte. Collaborative Project with Windermere Child and Family Services. Category 3 Funding: $136,470.
  • 2010 Research and development of a manual for the Department of Human Services: ’Student Placement Programs’. Jointly with S. Coutts, L. Harris, project leader. Commissioned by The Salvation Army Crisis Services: $5,000.
  • 2009-2011: Service benchmarking proposal phase II: refining and testing measures for enhancing quality in the child welfare sector (Stage One). Chief Investigator with C. McDonald, J. Whyte. Collaborative Project with Windermere Child and Family Services. Category 3 Funding: $15,000.
  • 2006-2008: Generating academic standards in planning practice education. Project Leader and Chief Investigator with J. Jackson, E. Coiacetto, W. Steele. Australian Learning and Teaching Council. Category 2 Funding: $171,000.

Expert commentary on...

Contemporary contexts of social work; practice research; work integrated learning; professional supervision.

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