Learn how to manipulate Excel into making impactful charts and graphs, step-by-step.

Excel can be a powerful and accessible tool for data visualization -if you know how to use it right. In this session, Dr. Stephanie Evergreen will lead attendees through several exercises in how to manipulate Excel into making impactful charts and graphs,step-by-step.

Attendees will work with a prepared spreadsheet to learn the secrets to becoming an Excel dataviz ninja. Youwill create newer types of data visualizations and learn how to manipulate the default settings to customize graphs so that they have more communicative power.

The demonstration will occur on a PC running Office 2010 (troubleshooting other versions or platforms will be limited). Audience members will leave the session with more in depth knowledge about to craft effective data displays.

Who should participate? This workshop is designed for both beginning and experienced researchers who need to analyse complex data and communicate findings to a variety of audiences (not-for-profit, government and corporate sectors). A basic competence level in using Excel (version 2010 or later) is required.

Presenter: Dr. Stephanie Evergreen is a sought-after speaker, designer, and evaluator. She is best known for bringing a research-based approach to helping evaluators better communicate their work.She holds a PhD from Western Michigan University in interdisciplinary evaluation, which included a dissertation on the extent of graphic design use in written evaluation reporting.

Within the American Evaluation Association, Stephanie founded the topical interest group on data visualization and reporting. She also leads the first known initiative to change the culture of presentation within a professional association, the Potent Presentations Initiative. She is co-editor and co-author of two issues ofNewDirectionsforEvaluationon data visualization with Tarek Azzam. Stephanie regularly blogson data presentation. Her book,Presenting Data Effectively: Communicating Your Findings for Maximum Impact, was published by Sage in Fall 2013 and was #1 in Social Science Research on Amazon for several weeks.


Computer Lab

Building 12

Level 10 Room 31 (12.10.31)

RMIT University

394 Swanston Street

Melbourne VIC 3000


17 July 2014


This is a free event, sponsored by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and hosted by BetterEvaluation and the Centre for Applied Social Research, RMIT University.